Mountain House Emergency Food Buckets are ideal for outdoor food storage. For camping, backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, RV trips, and other outdoor recreational activities because they have the longest tested shelf life. They are also ideal for long-term emergency preparedness and survival food storage. The #10 cans are excellent for outdoor events like camping, hunting, and significant group activities. Since Mountain House was founded in 1963, consumers have repeatedly chosen it as their preferred brand of freeze-dried food for outdoor activities, disaster preparedness, and survival. Ease of “just add water,” simple, mess-free cleanup, and tastes from home-cooked recipes.

The shelf life of Mountain House products is 30 years (except Ice Cream products). Military LRPs/MCWs have a stated shelf life of three years, although this can be increased to ten years. A product’s shelf life is always based on how it is stored.

Storage Tips: To extend the shelf life of your freeze-dried food, keep it dry and clean, keep it out of environments that could harm the packaging, and avoid exposing it to temperatures above 75°F for an extended period. For more details, refer to the Mountain House Shelf Life and Taste Guarantee.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

 Foods from Mountain House are 100% freeze-dried and straightforward. To prepare—add hot water, wait 10–12 minutes, and eat! Room temperature or cold water can also be utilized if a heat source is not accessible. These foods consume much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen, or dried foods because they don’t need to be cooked (further conserving these two precious commodities). Products from Mountain House are sold in #10 cans and pouches. Estimates of shelf life are based on advised storage temperatures. Using the resealable lid/seal between applications, the manufacturer recommends consuming all opened products within two weeks or less.

Freeze-Dried Food Preparation

 For decades, Mountain House freeze-dried meals have provided satisfied nourishment to climbers, soldiers, explorers, hunters, anglers, hikers, backpackers, survivalist groups, and a variety of other people. If you are reading this, there is a strong possibility you already enjoyed one of our dishes, perhaps while camping in the mountains or a canyon or holed up by candlelight during a storm.

What precisely is freeze-dried food, and how is it prepared for consumption?

There are easier ways to prepare freeze-dried food than there are. Here, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the freeze-drying procedure to give you some background. The fundamental advantages it offers and the how-to for our absurdly simple, unbelievably tasty, and filling meals that only require adding hot water!

Mountain House Classic Bucket

 The Mountain House Classic Bucket includes a variety of freeze-dried dishes that are popular with customers. Each meal is lightweight, compact, and convenient for storage and preparation (add water). These are also quite wonderful! There are 12 total pouches (or 24 total servings) of breakfast and lunch in each Mountain House Classic Bucket. Around the world, people have eaten Mountain House meals in homes, on beaches, mountains, and

 trails. Please take advantage of the Mountain House Traditional Bucket on your upcoming camping trip or have it handy for emergencies.

Let me introduce you to the updated Mountain House Classic Bucket. The Traditional Bucket is ideal for people who want a dependable emergency food supply. Or who wants to pack simple meals for their next family camping trip because it has a 30-year shelf life that has been established? The Mountain House Classic Assortment Bucket is small, simple to store, and only takes up a little space. It contains 24 servings of some of our best freeze-dried dinners and breakfasts. Toss it into your car for your upcoming camping trip because it’s portable and lightweight.

Freeze-Dried Camping Food

 The use of freeze-dried food is no longer limited to astronauts. In fact, among hikers entering the backcountry, they are among the most widely used food options. After a hard day, they are sweet, portable, calorically dense, and light. All you have to do to prepare your delectable dinner is add hot water, wait for a little, and then enjoy it. Also, a happy hiker has clean dishes.

It’s essential to set your expectations before we move too quickly. This is a backcountry lunch; it’s not your grandmother’s home-cooked dinner. Even if the flavors aren’t precisely what you expected, you probably won’t care because you’ll be satisfied enough to grind it down while grinning. In the woods, everything tastes better. When we want to amp up dinner, we always pack a tiny container of hot sauce, olive oil, and salt and pepper packets.

There are numerous flavors of freeze-dried meals, and some are superior to others. Ranking individual food preferences is hardly subjective, but we feel compelled to express our views. This guide will improve your ability to find delightful goodies while traveling. Visit our Lightweight Backpacking Food Guide and Backpacking Meal Recipes & Food Dehydration Advice posts for more details on organizing your meals while backpacking.

Due to their minimal weight, freeze-dried meals are a popular evening option among travelers. When a meal is freeze-dried, 80% of its water weight is removed while keeping a significant amount of nutrient-dense calories. Most meal pouches measure 5-7 ounces and include 500–900 calories. This places them in the 100–130 calorie–per–ounce range, which is still reasonably decent but not particularly outstanding.

Emergency Food Buckets Costco

 This bucket has 44 drink portions, 28 breakfast servings, and 78 meal and side dishes. It’s important to be ready with ReadyWise whether you’re experiencing a weather emergency, job loss, a food crisis, or a fantastic dinner that can be served in minutes. These delicious, freeze-dried, and dehydrated foods are ready in minutes when you add water and last up to 25 years.


Sugar & Maple, 12 Servings

Mountain House Food Costco

1-Year Food Supply from Mountain House

Whether artificial or natural, emergency circumstances are undesirable, unexpected, and frequently unavoidable. You can be ready with meals for any crisis that demands you to remain independent for up to a year. With a 1-Year Food Supply from Mountain House. This supply includes 724,680 calories or 1,985 calories per day. With a 30-year shelf life for each Mountain House 1-Year Food Supply, you’ll be prepared for calamities, whether they strike now or in 29 years.

Each food supply from Mountain House consists of

Mountain House Bucket Costco

Experience Asia’s handcrafted, small-batch flavors. You’ll feel satisfied eating at The Mountain House at home, on the mountain, or on the trail. Get real-tasting Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, Pad Thai with Chicken, and Yellow Curry with Chicken & Rice by simply adding boiling water.


In conclusion, For more than 50 years, campers, hikers, and survival specialists have trusted Mountain House to provide high-quality food they can taste and sight.

Mountain House buckets earn high acclaim for their dependable quality and delectable flavor, which is often difficult to find in emergency meals. Mountain House originally produced freeze-dried meals for US Special Forces. Choose Mountain House as the best all-around survival food, regardless of the circumstance. Don’t take chances when failure is not an option.

Mountain House creates 5-star long-lasting freeze-dried foods and automobile camping food of the highest quality. Keep them for a long time and use them for emergencies or outdoor activities such as camping or mountaineering. Mountain House food is ideal. Mountain House produces delicious and practical survival food that can serve as your key to freedom in an emergency.

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